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1: Professional Behavior
Educators and experts who are pro school uniforms believe that when students wear uniforms, they feel more professional and also behave that way. Fashion trends can be distracting to students. Without fashion trends, students can stay more focused on learning.

2: Smoother Morning Schedules
No need to decide what to wear in the mornings. This leads to smoother and shorter morning preparation making it easier for everyone in the home.

3: Dress Code Control
No need for teachers to monitor dress codes. Once the expectation are understood, all students meet the standards with little effort.

4: Less Teasing
When all of the students are wearing the same types of clothes there are less opportunities for children to be bullied or teased because they are dressed differently.

5: School Spirit
Wearing the same uniform builds a feeling of being a team.

6: Less Expense
Our school uniforms are meant to stand up to repeated wear and washing so money is saved by only having to purchase a few sets of items for the entire school year.